Let's start by briefly explaining what boudoir photography is, this type of photography has a very different charm from the others because you have to take more care of the details of light and scenery. 

Tips you should keep in mind to take boudoir photography

Boudoir is a French word that means "boudoir", which was the room next to the master bedroom where upper-class women bathed and dressed. 

Currently, this is the name given to a photographic modality that reveals the most feminine, elegant, and sensual side of women. This style is very popular in the US and Northern Europe

To carry out the boudoir photography session there are two important factors that must be taken into account: It is convenient and important that she goes with a companion for more confidence since it is necessary for her to relax so that she has a fun and unforgettable time. 

On the other hand, it would be best if the assistants who help you in your photographic studio are women, remember that in a session of this characteristic the less you touch the model, the better. 

Suitable setting for boudoir photography 

Suitable setting for boudoir photography

Actually, the scene for boudoir photography can be any place where the woman can awaken her sensual senses and feel comfortable to pose in front of the camera. 

They have to be wide places to be able to locate the flashes, and details that the model will use for the photoshoot. 

We will also prioritize the movement of the model within the room, it can be in bed, on a sofa, in the window, and other places that allow her to demonstrate her sensuality. 

Finally, it is recommended that the room have a wide window so that more natural light enters and you can play with the diffusion of light in the curtains. 

The boudoir model has to show her femininity to the fullest

The boudoir model has to show her femininity to the fullest

You don't need a particular style to be a boudoir model, any woman can dare to pose in front of a photographic lens to show off her beauty. It is simply necessary that the woman wants to show all her femininity in its maximum splendor that she carries within.

The wardrobe for the session does not necessarily have to be lingerie, but sensual clothes with which you feel comfortable and completely attractive. 

The more natural it looks the better the value. This experience has to be special, taking care of every detail, creating a professional photographer-model bond.

Lighting and details for the boudoir photoshoot

The best lighting for a photo session of this type is natural light as it gives a special touch to your shots. That is why the wide window is also recommended. 

Diffused light is always more beautiful and predictable than hard light, so you can highlight the beauty of the model more.

In these types of sessions, make the most of the close-ups showing the most of the woman's charms since the female anatomy is full of sensuality. Highlight it! 

Look for a composition where you can highlight all these attributes of the boudoir model.

The best boudoir poses for your session 

The best boudoir poses for your session

In order for you to have the best boudoir poses, you must have an idea to show your model, especially if it is the first time that she will do this. 

Showing her ideas will allow her to choose which one suits her personality and makes her feel comfortable. 

While the poses are more improvised, they will have a high artistic value. Remember that Boudoir is elegance and sensuality so it is not necessary to be very explicit to do them. 

Insinuate but don't teach, leave the viewer wanting to see more and play with their imagination. Play with elements of great fetish value playing with the stage, approaches, and lighting, for example, a suggestive photograph is to focus on the heels and blur the woman's legs that will appear as the background.


Be very careful with the poses that are made, there is a fine line that separates elegance from bad taste. If it is the first time you do a photo session like this, you will be able to discover new lighting styles, poses, and details by creating your own style.